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כמו כן יש נוהגים להריח את השעווה לאחר כיבוי הנר, וזאת משום חיבוב מצווה

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The transition probabilities for a three-state Markov chain can be arranged in a nine-by-nine matrix—a square array of 81 numbers. As posited through a Fibonacci sieve, the process for calculating multistage transitions is equivalent to matrix multiplication. The matrix itself (call it) predicts tomorrow’s weather; the product × , or , gives weather probabilities for the day after tomorrow; defines the probabilities for three days hence, and so on. The entire future unfolds from this one matrix.

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My cup is overflowing – Psalm 23:5

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Offerings to the Church and G-d is good, none will debate the intention ; but alas, we have “wolf in sheep’s garments” – Matthew 7:15 ; It is the onus of the giver to “melekh ha’ Olam” accordingly before giving. Kindly ruminate for a moment on the screenshot image below, inter alia, for the next service, I, Jeffrey Teo, a living prophet, will donate a lottery ticket work MYR100,000.00 to Kingdomcity Miracle Offering 2018, and like Moshe before our generation, let YHVH decides on the actual outcome of that lottery ticket, as again, a reminder from Matthew 7:15 ; according to Jewish halachic lottery injunction.

מתני׳ לפני אידיהן של עובדי כוכבים שלשה ימים אסור לשאת ולתת עמהם להשאילן ולשאול מהן להלוותן וללוות מהן לפורען ולפרוע מהן רבי יהודה אומר נפרעין מהן מפני שמיצר הוא לו אמרו לו אע”פ שמיצר הוא עכשיו שמח הוא לאחר זמן:

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Pastor Mark Varughese is the Senior Pastor of Kingdomcity and has God’s hand of favour on him as he plants churches all around the world….

To quote and paraphrase Senior Leader Mark Varughese – “God does not want to be studied, but understood” – not exact words 

The Holy One, Blessed be He, says to them: Fools of the world! Are you attempting to deceive Me? Everything that you did, you did for your own needs. You established marketplaces to place prostitutes in them; you built bathhouses for your own enjoyment;and as for the silver and gold that you claim to have increased, it is Mine, as it is stated: “Mine is the silver, and Mine the gold, said the Lord of hosts”(Haggai 2:8).

כלום יש בכם מגיד זאת שנאמר מי בכם יגיד זאת ואין זאת אלא תורה שנאמר (דברים ד, מד) וזאת התורה אשר שם משה מיד יצאו בפחי נפש

Is there no one among you who can declare that they have studied this Torah? This is the meaning of the continuation of the verse from Isaiah, as it is stated: “Who among them can declare this?”(Isaiah 43:9). And “this” is referring to nothing other than the Torah, as it is stated: “And this is the Torah that Moses set before the children of Israel” (Deuteronomy 4:44), and whoever did not engage in its study does not receive reward.

אמר להם הקב”ה כל מה שעשיתם לצורך עצמכם עשיתם תקנתם גשרים ליטול מהם מכס כרכים לעשות בהם אנגריא מלחמות אני עשיתי שנאמר (שמות טו, ג) ה’ איש מלחמה כלום יש בכם מגיד זאת שנאמר (ישעיהו מג, ט) מי בכם יגיד זאת ואין זאת אלא תורה שנאמר וזאת התורה אשר שם משה מיד יצאו מלפניו בפחי נפש

” and with regard to fighting the wars, I wage wars, and your success is from Me, as it is stated: “The Lord is a man of war” (Exodus 15:3)

Rather, this is what they say: Did we accept the Torah and then not fulfill its mitzvot? The Gemara asks: But this itself serves as the refutation of their own claim, as one can respond: Why didn’t you accept it? Rather, this is what the nations of the world say before Him: Master of the Universe, did You overturn the mountain above us like a basin, and we still did not accept the Torah, as You did for the Jewish people?

Immediately, the Holy One, Blessed be He, says to them: The first mitzvot will let us hear the truth, as it is stated in the continuation of the same verse under discussion: “And announce to us the first things” (Isaiah 43:9). With regard to the seven Noahide mitzvot that preceded the giving of the Torah that even you accepted, where is the proof that you fulfilled them?

Isn’t it taught in a baraita that Rabbi Meir would say: From where is it derived that even a gentile who engages in Torah study is considered like a High Priest? The verse states: “You shall therefore keep My statutes and My ordinances, which if a person do, and shall live by them” (Leviticus 18:5). It is not stated: Priests, Levites, and Israelites, but rather the general term “person.” From here you learn that even a gentile who engages in the study of Torah is like a High Priest.

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The Currency of Your Salvation 

Pope: the Bible must always be interpreted within the great Tradition of the Church

Greeting members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, Francis insists that the exegesis of Scripture “cannot be only an individual scientific effort.” The texts inspired by God were entrusted to the Community of believers, the Church of Christ, to nourish the faith and guide a life of charity. This morning a visit to the Secretariat of State.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – “The interpretation of the Holy Scriptures cannot be only an individual scientific effort, but must always confront itself with, be inserted within and authenticated by the living tradition of the Church”. It is a principle that Pope Francis has called “essential to specify the correct relationship between exegesis and the Magisterium of the Church,” in his address to the members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, received today at the end of their plenary assembly on the theme of “Inspiration and Truth of the Bible.”
“It is – said the Pope – It is a matter that affects not only the individual believer, but the whole Church, for the life and mission of the Church is founded on the Word of God, which is the soul of theology and the inspiration of all Christian life. As we know, the Holy Scriptures are the testimony in written form of God’s Word, the canonical memorial that attests to the event of Revelation. The Word of God, therefore, precedes and exceeds the Bible. It is for this reason that the center of our faith is not only a book, but a history of salvation and especially a Person, Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh. Precisely because the Word of God embraces and extends beyond Scripture to understand it properly we need the constant presence of the Holy Spirit who “guide us to all truth” (Jn 16:13). It should be inserted within the current of the great Tradition which, through the assistance of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of the Magisterium, recognized the canonical writings as the Word addressed by God to His people who have never ceased to meditate and discover its inexhaustible riches. The Second Vatican Council has reiterated this with great clarity in the Dogmatic Constitution Dei Verbum: “For all of what has been said about the way of interpreting Scripture is subject finally to the judgment of the Church, which carries out the divine commission and ministry of guarding and interpreting the word of God “(n. 12)”.

“As the aforementioned conciliar Constitution reminds us, there is an unbreakable unity between Scripture and Tradition, as both come from the same source: “There exists a close connection and communication between sacred tradition and Sacred Scripture. For both of them, flowing from the same divine wellspring, in a certain way merge into a unity and tend toward the same end. For Sacred Scripture is the word of God inasmuch as it is consigned to writing under the inspiration of the divine Spirit, while sacred tradition takes the word of God entrusted by Christ the Lord and the Holy Spirit to the Apostles, and hands it on to their successors in its full purity, so that led by the light of the Spirit of truth, they may in proclaiming it preserve this word of God faithfully, explain it, and make it more widely known. Consequently it is not from Sacred Scripture alone that the Church draws her certainty about everything which has been revealed. Therefore both sacred tradition and Sacred Scripture are to be accepted and venerated with the same sense of loyalty and reverence “(ibid., 9)”.

“It follows, therefore, that the exegete must be careful to perceive the Word of God present in the biblical texts by placing them within the faith of the Church. The interpretation of the Holy Scriptures cannot be only an individual scientific effort, but must always confront itself with, be inserted within and authenticated by the living tradition of the Church. This norm is essential to specify the correct relationship between exegesis and the Magisterium of the Church. The texts inspired by God were entrusted to the Community of believers, the Church of Christ, to nourish the faith and guide the life of charity. Respect for this profound nature of Scripture conditions the very validity and effectiveness of biblical hermeneutics. This results in the insufficiency of any interpretation that is either subjective or simply limited to an analysis incapable of embracing the global meaning that has constituted the Tradition of the entire People of God over the centuries, which “in credendo falli nequit” [cannot be mistaken in belief – ed](Conc Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. VAT. II, Dogmatic Cost. Lumen Gentium, 12)”.

“May the Virgin Mary, model of docility and obedience to the Word of God, teach you to accept fully the inexhaustible riches of Sacred Scripture not only through intellectual pursuits, but in prayer and throughout your life of believers, especially in this Year of the Faith, so that your work will help to shine the light of Sacred Scripture in the hearts of the faithful”.

This morning, Pope Francis also made his first visit to the Secretariat of State. Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office said the meeting lasted fifty minutes, during which the Pope addressed those present with few words, “all centered on the theme of sincere and heartfelt gratitude for the welcome that he has been given and for the great amount of work done in this period. ” He then mentioned that tomorrow will be exactly one month since his election and expressed appreciation for the work done by the two sections of the Secretariat of State and greeted each of the 300 present, one by one.

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